Add Wi-Fi or Expand Your Camera’s Wi-Fi Powers

October 5, 2014 No Comments by Larry Becker


Recently I had the opportunity to review a couple of devices that add Wi-Fi capabilities to major brand DSLR cameras. Even if those cameras already have built-in Wi-Fi, these add-ons add even more Wi-Fi capabilities and controls.

Both of the devices I reviewed are around $300 but the Sanho Hyperdrive iUSBcameraPort device can also be a charger and help copy memory cards to a hard drive, in the field, without a computer. On the other hand, the CamRanger has more Wi-Fi controls, can host more client devices, and it works with more total cameras. Check out my 2 after market Wi-Fi reviews on the B&H YouTube channel.

Check out both of these reviews, full of feature explanations, and see what you think…

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