An Amazing Light Panel

January 21, 2015 No Comments by Larry Becker


I love being in the photography & video industry… going to shows… seeing cool people and great products when they’re about to be released. And then when things are brand new and hit the market, I get to review them. The frustrating thing for me was knowing about a ground-breaking flexible light panel that I couldn’t talk about for almost a year.

Well now the Westcott Flex LED panel is on the market and it’s very cool. I did a Quick Look video for B&H all about this brilliant invention.

Behind the Scenes Super Secret: You know how ‘the camera adds 10 pounds’? Well, if you’re on a keyed-out, pure white backdrop like this, you can compress the video slightly from the sides (around 5%) and look thinner. I asked my editor to make me thinner and it actually helps a little bit. Compare my Quick Look videos (with the white background, below) to my regular reviews on set (like my recent Sony A7 II review) and you might notice the difference.

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